Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Jean Paul Gaultier Autumn/Winter 2012 Mens Haute Couture Collection.

For three decades now, Jean Paul Gaultier has strived to keep fun within fashion. Sometimes his quirky take on clothes has seen him sidelined in the grand scheme of things.

Thirty years later however he's still laughing and selling more clothes (and perfumes) than many of his contemporaries now long gone.
At his lavish show today in a salon near the Pompidou Centre, the designer who first proposed skirts for men in the 1980's was still being controversial - and playing on the androgyny theme. More than fifty per cent of clothes shown were menswear, a ploy to flag up the fact he was to launch a new menswear fragrance called Kokorico (the French way of saying cock a doodle do).

These included foppish dandy-ish capes and shiny black satin tail coats, worn over quilted skirts or jewel encrusted leggings.

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